the eLearning advantage:
Committing to Your Client's Success Increases Retention Referrals and Renewals
(Which Will Skyrocket Your Profit & Flow)
Who We Work With
Course Creators "For Hire"
Interested in having a course business, but not in love with all the marketing, hustle, and risk that comes along with it?
I am only half-joking around when I say that as a Course Business Consultant I had a better 'lifestyle' than my clients.
I got to do what I love, I got to help countless people through the courses I helped bring to life, and I didn't have to worry about all the baggage of building a course business.
I LOVE working with others who prefer to stay behind the scenes and who want to learn the ins and outs of becoming a Course Business Consultant.
Industry Experts & Coaches
Here at Course Paradise, we believe that "Expert" status is earned by the results you help people get, not by the titles behind your name.

Many course creators who end up having the biggest impact in the lives of their students come from humble beginnings, and we love helping others discover the potential they possess within themselves.

We work with clients who would like to learn how to build a simple, sustainable, and scalable course business.
About Course Paradise
Founded by Cindy Anne Molchany, Course Paradise is here to help you create your legacy by helping you build an online course business that transforms lives and creates financial freedom for you and your family.

Since 2015, Cindy has created over 70 online courses and a variety of information products for herself and clients.

And that kind of experience has shaped what Course Paradise strives to be, which is not your average "how to create an online course" online course business.
  • At Course Paradise, we believe that the only way to build a thriving course-based or coaching business is to put people over profit.
  • At Course Paradise, we aim for 100% program completion rates, and we obsess about helping our students to the finish line.
  • At Course Paradise, we believe in a simple, yet sustainable business model that is designed to rely on an abundance of free traffic.
  • At Course Paradise, we are champions of the solopreneur and believe that even a one-person business can scale.
Work with us to create your legacy business!
Stand Out in Your Niche and Become a Leading Go-To Expert
Create Courses that Get Finished & That Get Real Results
Design Amazing Experiences That Create Customers for Life
Build a Simple, Sustainable, and Scalable Online Business