• 2022 Course Business Digital Planner (60 page PDF to handwrite on IPad with Goodnotes or Notability)
  • Course Business Academy Sneak Peek (Planning modules 1 & 2)
  • ID Your Money Making Course 'Big Idea' (30 minute Coaching Call)
The 2022 Course Business Planner
Got a Vision for Your Course Business, But Struggle With The Details?
Be the first to get your hands on the NEW 2022 Course Business Planner 
Part daily planner, part vision board, part business plan, I put this planner together specifically for course creators who want to knock 2022 well out of the park.
This is perfect for any course creator - whether you have been creating courses for a while, are just getting started, or if you are a Course Business Consultant.
In 60 pages, this planner covers all this:
  • Your Course Business Overview (aka your Business & Marketing Plan)
  • 2022 Goals & Planner (set your yearly goals and create a plan to achieve them)
  • Individual Course & Launch Planning (plan your courses, your offers, and your launch strategies)
What's waiting for you inside Modules 1 and 2 of Course Business Academy:
The Course Business Academy™ is an online course that doubles as your step-by-step actionable course business building blueprint.
Within this program, you will learn the A.D.O.B.E. Online Course Method™, which is the key to launching and building an online course business quickly and profitably.
The program consists of 7 modules in total, and in this bundle you are getting access to two critical planning modules:
Module 1: Setting Up for Success

This training walks you through the entire A.D.O.B.E. Online Course Method™ framework, which is critical to understanding how to build a simple, sustainable, and wildly profitable course business for yourself.

It also includes what I consider to be the most life-impacting part of the entire program, a training called "The 5 Mental Shifts."

Having the right mindset is of the utmost importance as a course creator and entrepreneur, and I guarantee I share a few concepts and ideas in this training you have not heard elsewhere.

Module 2: Plan Your Course

As you will learn in Course Business Academy™, course building is similar in theory to homebuilding.

A well-constructed home must be built on a solid foundation, and neither the home or the foundation will stand without expertly designed architectural plans.

This is what we cover in module 2 of Course Business Academy™, and what most people are all too quick to gloss over and skip.

But not those who want to build a simple, sustainable, and wildly profitable course business.

I and my 8 and 9 figure course clients obsess over the details that we cover in Module 2:

  • Understanding your ideal students in such a way as to know how to anticipate their needs and get them better results than anyone else could
  • Landing on your course's 'Big Idea' (aka Unique Selling Proposition), which will guide every decision of your course planning going forward.

The work to be done in module 2 is likely the "hardest" work of the entire Course Business Academy™ program.

I wanted to be sure to include these modules into this bundle as it will help differentiate you from every other competitor you have in your niche. 

It will also set you up to not only serve your students at a much higher level but will likely aid in making you a lot more money in your course business as a result.

Aloha! I'm Cindy...
I Put This Bundle Together to Help You Make 2022 the Year of Your Course Business!
Aloha from Kona, Hawai'i.
This photo is a selfie I took of my daughter and me when we were "stranded" at the beach in Malibu, CA at the start of the pandemic when lockdowns were issued. 
My husband was back in Pennsylvania packing up our life as we were in the process of fulfilling my vision to move back to my hometown here in Hawai'i, which is where I wanted to raise my daughter.
Akasha and I were at an RV park staying in an 18' travel trailer with poor wi-fi, and practically no human contact for months.
This picture (and the one below) perfectly captures what my business represents to me.
That my course business is both my life raft... and my dream.
Without it, life would have certainly been a bit tougher (during the hard times).

And with it, I am able to see my vision and dreams come true (despite the hard times). 

This is why after 6 years of creating courses behind the scenes for some of the internet's most successful course business entrepreneurs I am now so excited to be sharing my course building and course business strategies with you.
Get In The Hot Seat
One of the most impactful and transformational experiences for beta participants of Course Business Academy™ came from one of the program bonuses offered.
Something I called "The Niche Hot Seat."
This was a group call where each person had 10-20 minutes of hot seat time.
→ We identified the money-making niche they needed to focus on.
→ We unpacked their course "Big Idea"
→ And I helped guide them forward so that they were super clear on what was right in front of them that they needed to focus on and what they needed to do next.
It was intense and it was hard, but it was a lot of fun as well.
And after hosting this three-hour call, I was absolutely whooped!
But it made a huge difference for everyone, so it was definitely worth it.
Included in this bundle is your chance to get a 1:1 hot seat call with me! 
If you come:
>> Expect clarity
>> Expect next step actionable direction
>> Expect momentum in your course business
My goal is that you leave this call with a 7-figure course business to go build, so I will be bringing my absolute best to this call.
The only question you need to answer now is...
...are you willing to get into the hot seat?
What Course Business Academy Members Have Said:
"I've finished Module 2 and scanned Module 3. Cindy Anne Molchany, when you say you overdeliver... holy smokes, do you ever.
The detail of your content is Fantastic and very helpful. I have taken at least 4 courses on course building/marketing/niche etc. and they have not delivered half as much as you have in this course. I am so grateful.
- Martina Payette, BEing U Coaching
14 Day
If you are not satisfied with the planner or sneak peek access to Course Business Academy, you may request a refund within 14 days, or before the date you attend the Hot Seat coaching call (whichever comes first). 
Due to the one-on-one nature of the Hot Seat calls, no refunds will be issued after you attend that call and are given a hot seat, even if it's before the 14 day window.
So let's get started!
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