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Learn How to Become an
Online Course Business Consultant
and Make 2021 The Year You Create a Thriving and In-Demand Online Service-Based Business!

As more and more businesses migrate online, the demand for talented course creators will continue to skyrocket. Attend this workshop and learn one of the biggest in-demand skills of 2021.
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Cindy Anne Molchany
Founder of Course Paradise
Creator of over 70 different online courses and information products.
Want to attract high-ticket course clients and tackle a large course project without overwhelm?
It starts by having a flawless and bulletproof blueprint to work from.
In this honest-to-goodness workshop (this is NOT a webinar in disguise!), I will show you how you can get paid to help clients plan their courses (that they then hire you to build!)

This is the EXACT PROCESS I have developed over the last 5 years to build courses for my 7,8, and even 9-figure course clients.

This Workshop is going to be hosted in a pop-up (temporary) Facebook Group and it will go from March 10th - March 14th, 2021 (replays available).
The Daily Agenda & What You Can Expect to Learn:
  • Day #1: The New Way to Work: Why you should ditch proposals and how to get paid upfront as a course creator "for hire"
  • Day #2: How to attract high quality clients and how to sell your Course Planning Workshop
  • Day #3: How to host your own Course Planning Workshop that you then utilize to turn into a proposal for the course build-out.
  • Day #4: Considerations of Course Design and matching the course to the student
  • Day #5: How to turn your client into a HIGH TICKET course client
When you leave this workshop, you will have the tools and knowledge in-hand to go land high-ticket course clients and how to serve them at the highest level.
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Here's How The Workshop Will Work:
  • Once you sign up, you need to then SAVE YOUR SPOT by requesting access to join the Facebook Group when prompted. The group will open up on March 7th.
  • Between March 10th - 14th (5 days) there will be a new training posted at 10am EST.
  • Replays of the trainings will be available in the group until March 18th.
  • All the training resources will be available in the group "units" until March 18th as well.
  • At midnight on March 18th, the group will self-destruct.
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Cindy Anne Molchany
Who is Cindy?

Aloha from Kona, HI -

When people ask me about what I do, I like to answer that I have been working (not so) quietly behind the scenes of online marketing since as early as 2012 (and creating courses since 2015).

For 5+ years, I worked alongside Melanie Duncan in her Business Class program and other businesses where I created all of her program training content and mentored members. During that time, I got to work along side and learn from her, her husband Devin, and from other top marketers.

In addition to all the training courses I created for Business Class, I have also created courses and information products for some of the most elite 7, 8 & 9 figure marketers and copywriters in the business (non-disclosures prevent me from being able to name drop).

There's a lot of pressure when you create courses for top performers. There's a lot of money on the line, there are strict deadlines, and there is an expectation that the training content produced will not only be world-class, but will create amazing results for students.

So in order to deliver, I had to develop a bulletproof framework and process for course-creation.

And it all starts with creating a solid plan and an Epic Curriculum.

I figured that after 5 years and over 70 courses and information programs later, that it's time for me to enter the meta world of online course education.

As such, I am excited to launch Course Paradise in 2021, and really excited to share my first program ready for debut, The 5 Steps to Being Fully Booked as a Course Business Consultant, with you (for FREE).

I hope to see you inside the Facebook Group!


Cindy (and my 2 yr old co-founder, Akasha Li)

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