Course Business Programs
I leverage my experience building over 70 online course programs to help aspiring course creators become THRIVING Course Business Entrepreneurs.
Course Business
Following the A.D.O.B.E. Online Course Method™, The CBA offers students the most streamlined, yet comprehensive way to launch a profitable course business.
At Course Paradise, we don't subscribe to the concept that you can/should create your course in a weekend, but we don't think that getting your course off the ground should be a long and drawn-out process either.
In Course Business Academy, students can look forward to generating revenue from their course in as little as 4 weeks and getting students results shortly thereafter.
Course Business
Incubator Program
As a Course Business Consultant for the last 6+ years, I know that I have been worth my weight in gold to my clients because I bring a level of business sophistication that they cannot get anywhere else.
That is because I understand Instructional Design and Digital Marketing both at an expert level, and I have the business acumen to create programs (and corresponding marketing campaigns) that exceed expectations.
And this is what I bring to the Incubator as your Course Business mentor where I work with both entrepreneurs and Course Business Consultants to scale their business.
Course Business
Entrepreneurs Association
As Course Business Entrepreneurs and Course Business Consultants, we have to be experts at a lot of things.
Not only do we have to be subject matter experts in our individual niches, but we have to know how to put the curriculum together that generates transformation, and we have to also understand all the facets of marketing online that will help us generate sales.
The CBEA is for those who would like ongoing support as they grow their online business and it includes topical training related to all things digital marketing and entrepreneurship.
Not Sure Where to Start?
If you want a course business, but not sure where to start, then I definitely recommend grabbing the 2022 Course Business Planning Bundle first!
This important bundle of awesomeness will help you get clear on your goals, help kick start your course planning journey, and will help you understand where I can help you best.